Masses Beware is a Progressive Rock band that originated in Greensboro NC. The band started in 2010 as a post punk band with founding members Brandon Giancana (Drums), Bryant Giancana (Bass), and Nick Giancana (Guitar and Keyboards). The band later added different demo singers to the project, and the self titled EP was released in March 2011 selling 340 units. By the end of 2011 the band changed genres to Progressive/Hard Rock. Masses Beware started to come to Nashville TN every month for a year to cut songs in big studios like Omni, Darkhorse and Quad with producer Voytek aka V, who produced Shaka Khan, Ozzy Osbourne, and many other big names. They finished there second EP “Scarecrow” in October 2012.

The band sold over 1200 units on the “Scarecrow” EP. The 2 singles “Scarecrow” and “City of Stone” won numerous awards for the the music and the videos in music video competitions reaching up to 23,000 views.The band has since then decided to move to Nashville TN permanently. The band switched from demo singers to a permeant singer Casey Self from Bellwood NC in July 2013, and added Sam Deyton from Shelby NC as another guitar player in August 2013. There new album “Never Seen The Day” was started in September 2013 in a Music Row demo studio in Nashville TN.



Masses Beware